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Pillars Off Eternity dos Deadfire Companion Generate Guide: Maia (Turn-Built & RTWP)

Pillars Off Eternity dos Deadfire Companion Generate Guide: Maia (Turn-Built & RTWP)

In this Pillars off Eternity dos: Deadfire Build Guide we are going to be considering the latest 7th spouse you always and get: Maia. I am outlining my personal Scout Build for both the regular real-day that have pause and turn-created settings, so anybody can use the girl effortlessly. If you intend to make use of Maia on your group next read towards the for some insight into that it dutiful Companion. Take note that Generate Guide is actually up-to-date for the 5.0 particular the video game, together with step one.02 into the unit (at the time of ), and you will deals with both Live with Pause and turn-Oriented.

Pillars Away from Eternity 2 Deadfire Companion Generate Publication: Maia (Turn-Depending RTWP)

Maia are in the Royal Court in the Serpent’s Top District off Neketaka. Depending on your own talk options you could recruit this lady, Pallegina or both of the newest him or her. Just after hired, you will instantly need certainly to choose from an individual Group Ranger (Gunhawk), Multiclass Scout (Rogue/Ranger), or a great Multiclass Geomancer (Ranger/Wizard). That is an extremely tough choice for brand new members since it is one that is permanent, and cannot getting stopped later on.

Maia’s stat bequeath is good for Ranged DPS due to the fact she has decent You will, a great Control and you can large Impact. This woman is far more suited to Alive Having Pause than simply Change-Founded because of the Coordination and since the woman pet bird only symptoms after therefore-Founded, when you are all other animals commonly attack twice. Inside the RTWP all the pets attack immediately following, so this is maybe not a downside contained in this mode.

As i use Maia I enjoy make the girl to your a good unmarried target DPS expert that episodes out xmeets of diversity, by selecting the Lookout Multiclass, so there are reasons for that. Very first, the woman Ranger Subclass, Gunhawk is just of use by using are using certain function from Weapon, you have a tendency to spend if you do not. Next, there’s not much reason for taking Genius since the the next Class if you are planning as shooting your firearm most of enough time. And 3rd, Rogue brings far more Firearm attacks out-of a different sort of money pond, enabling you to invest Bond on your Creature Spouse to use Takedown if you need, or just have more gun-based show to use in combat.

Pillars From Eternity dos Deadfire Companion Build Book: Maia (Turn-Dependent & RTWP)

How this Make works is the fact when you get with the handle you will employ Maia to try to finish up an effective single address immediately, this will always getting Rogues otherwise Wizards regarding back one to is actually weakened and can possibly become killed in a single sample. You are going to need to choose which attack is the better to make use of on target you’re up against: Arterial Strike, Perfect Hurting Decide to try otherwise Pierce the brand new Bell. Arterial Struck shall be a powerful way to limit way regarding melee opponents so that they usually do not achieve your people, otherwise put it to use if you prefer a lot more Penetration. Accurate Wounding Try is superb against purpose with a high Deflection, and you can Enter this new Bell can be used when you really need the greatest ruin you can easily.

You will employ your Creature Companion to target the same enemies if the you are able to, so you’re able to make the most of Merciless Spouse, Stalker’s Link, Predator’s Feel and you can Takedown. Slamming opposition Susceptible will certainly reduce their Deflection of the 10, and when it happen to be Flanked by the container they seems to lose a deeper ten Deflection, most helping to enhance your danger of Hitting and you will Critting.

Takedown is an excellent means to fix purchase Thread immediately Having Stop because it does more harm and knocks the goal Susceptible, Disrupting its action and reducing the Deflection.